Self-Tape Setup Equipment Guide

The following is a list of items we recommend actors have in their self-tape setup. There is no need to go out and buy them all at once – most of these can be improvised until you can afford to buy them.


It is important to be able to place the iris of the camera level with the eyes. You can always prop up your phone on furniture or books but a reliable tripod is great to have. 

SmallRig Selection 47cm – 200cm Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod 

Compact Flexible Leg tripod (will need to be placed on furniture or wrapped around other items)

Iphone Holder Mounts:

JOBY GripTight 360 Phone Mount

YaYa Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter Cell 

Manfrotto MCPIXI Smartphone Holder Clamp


Backdrops are recommended to be grey and free of any wrinkles or textures that can distract the eye from your performance. A functional backdrop stand and roller blind is a great investment to your self-tape setup. A grey blackout quality roller blind held up by a stand is the most versatile option, however can be a little bulky when moving house. Foldable curtain options combined with a stand are more affordable but will leave you ironing wrinkles quite often unless you choose to leave the sheet hung.

Backdrop Stand, Heorryn 8.5 x 10ft Background Stand Adjustable Photography Muslin Background Support System Stand for Photo Video Studio

Roller Blind Blockout Window Blind 100% Blackout Commercial Quality Full Shading 180cmWx280cmD Light Grey

A More Affordable Curtain: Choose Grey 3×3.6 metre option. Please note this curtain will need to be ironed as opposed to the more expensive rollable curtain above.

PRO Photo Studio Premium Polyester Collapsible Backdrop Background


The following softbox lighting are all excellent choices:

Abeststudio 2x135W Continuous Lighting Kit 20″x28″/50x70cm Softbox Soft Box Photo Studio Set Light Bulbs Lamp 5500K Photography E27 Socket Softboxes

Abeststudio Photography Softbox Lighting Kit 2X 85W 3200K-5500K Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Continuous Light Studio Equipment for Portrait Product Fashion Shooting

Abeststudio Softbox Lighting Kit, 20″x28″/50x70cm Soft Box Continuous Lighting Kit


I highly recommend the Rode – MicMe microphone (make sure you choose the right connection for your phone )

·      Iphone or Ipad – Lightning

·      Android – USB 3c

·      Other – 3.5mm sound connecter 

* Please note Peter Rasmussen Acting Studio may receive a small commission from some of the above links. We own, use and recommend every item on this list.